Selviytyjät Private Metalfest is, as the name tells, a private music festival. Only thing which separates the party from public ones is that the band members are also partying. No screaming fans or unknown people doing stupid stuff. Only invited people and the band members are acting stupid. :)

The festival is non-commercial, no profit is trying to be gained. After the expenses have been reduced from the participation fee, the remaining money will be used on alcohol. That alcohol is going to be served for everyone on Saturday


Location will be only be told to whom are invited. This is how we don't have to stand for people who don't belong there.


All working people are volunteered....


Everyone gives respect to everyone, also: What happens in the festival, stays in the festival.

Drinking and eating

Bring your own drinks and food. A bit of free food is served, but not enough to fatten all people in a weekend...


If you want to sleep or pass out during the weekend, it's an individual thing; take along a tent, sleep in car, inside the band hall etc. where ever you want.


There are shops near-by, but not close enough for walking. That means u need someone with a clear head to drive you there.

The final party

The final party will be on Sunday 12th August in Bar15 in Seinäjoki

Festival products

In advance you can order festival products, such as t-shirts, hooded shirts, etc etc. The list is long....


You can contact the festival organisers from here